Diacritic – using TrueType fonts from Windows solves all your existing diacritic problems with thermal transfer printers.
Local enviroment – the creator of the program, the company Teklynx Inc., you can get it from us in the Czech version including Czech user manuals.
The connection to the database – part of the program can be a database editor which allows creating and editing databases, can be connected to the database server SQL, ODBC or connecting OLE DB. It is possbible to use the Data Watch sever, the connection of printing tiles with an external scanning device, etc., in the Gold version.
32 types of bar codes – the program supports all common barcodes EAN13, EAN8, UPC-A, UPC-B, Code39, Code128, ITF, and also two-dimensional codes, PDF-417, Datamatrix and so on.
Continuous numbering – the ability to print serial numbers using increment / decrement. And not only numerically, but also the alphanumeric with inputting values of the increase/decrease and number of copies. Networking – program fully supports networking. Each station in the network can use all its capabilities. Portability of formats – the biggest advantage of this program is definitely the portability of formats to other types of printers. The design of the label is created only once and you can print on any printer, the program automatically performs the conversion of the control commands for the currently selected printer.
Configuration options – the program is available in three basic configurations, Basic, Professional and Gold.