Branch system

ARL allows you to configure all the rights and rules for the functionality of individual modules on multiple levels, which may be a consortium, library, office, department. Is it possible to use VPN, which is solved by software and is a part of the ARL, in a way that other libraries or branches would work with the system in the central library.

You can define which copies may be ordered, borrowed and returned in a given branch, and you can set different rules for borrowing and returning.

The possibility of running requests or make reservations at another branch if the reader requests a document from a branch, where it is currently not available.

At any time, it is possible to determine the current availability of the document.

The ability to define the priority of each branch, so a reader can identify the primary branch, from which he will be primarily provided documents for the loan. The reader can change the setting of the priorities of branches at any time in their user profile in the online catalog IPAC.