EM technology

Technology EM (electromagnet) is a simple, reliable, and many years of proven solution for security of documents in the library.This system simply during the process of borrowing and returning any document or media allows library security, thereby protecting the library fund. 

Technology EM in library usually complements the identification of books by barcode and then as a whole contribute significantly to automate processes in the library.

EM Security strips Tattle-Tape™

The basic element of security EM system consists of EM security strips, which are inserted into books or other materials in the library. With them then operate the various hardware elements of the system, such as de / activators, security gates or Selfchecks.

Desensitizer / Resensitizer

When Tattle-Tape Security Strips are affixed to items, our resensitizers, desensitizers and bookcheck units will help ensure the security is properly turned on or off to be sure your library collection is not leaving the building without being properly checked out.

Security gates

EM security gate immediately detects whether it moves through the gate any medium secured with activated EM strip. Unauthorized borrowing causes the alarm and alerts library staff by light and audible signal.


The self-service station allows patrons to perform borrowing, returning books and other media or find information of their reader account without assistance from library staff.


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