Outdoor Book Drop Container

Outside return box for books

We offer self-service box for book returning. Now, your readers are not limited to library opening hours. To return a book, readers can choose any time of day or night. Self-box, which is located on the freely accessible place, is gaining more popularity both at home and abroad.

It is made ​​of stainless steel, designed for outdoor use and designed for maximum prevention of vandalism and secured against theft of the box’s contents. Books are stored in a full-aluminium light return trolley, which can be easily removed for emptying and transport. Vehicle capacity is 260 books. The truck is equipped with a movable bottom on springs, so the books do not fall from a great height, and the impact of the books is extremely gentle. Furthermore, it avoids excessive bending of the worker while colletcting the books.

Of course there is a large enough hole for inserting the books, but at the same time the construction of the box prevents theft and removal of materials.

  • Dimensions of the box: 800 x 800 x 1100 mm
  • Large inlet of the box is also sufficient for larger books
  • Equipped with a total of four security locks
  • Inlet for books designed to prevent liquids to get into the trolley with books
  • Inlet for books designed to prevent theft and removal of materials through the hole
  • The return trolley is equipped with a floating elastic bottom on springs, ensuring that the books do not fall from a great height, and the impact is extremely gentle
  • Also, taking books out of the trolley is easier thanks to the floating bottom, and prevents excessive bending of the worker
  • High capacity trolley eliminates the need for frequent emptying of the box
  • The handling of the trolley is very easy due to the wide handle and castors
  • Box is made from stainless steel and therefore is resistant to moisture
  • Mounting holes on the bottom of the box allow to attach it to the floor for security against theft reasons
  • Box can be equipped with a graphic covering as per the customer request

Návratový box na knihy

Nvratový box knihy