The loan module supports all activities, which are in the library associated with this process:

  • registry of individual and collective readers, recording various types of loans, return of documents
  • high parameterization – adjustability in the hierarchy library – branch – department – category of reader – type of loan – type of document and for these parameters in various combinations,
  • sending of informative messages of different kind (prepared reservation, reminder, news in the library) to users by e-mail or SMS,
  • possibility of automatic acquisition and updating of records about readers from the central registry (eg university system),
  • requisition and reservation of documents, loans, extensions and returns,
  • registry of reminders and reader’s payments, service payments from a financial account or by other non-cash means in conjunction with a payment system,
  • outputs according to the reader or the time interval, the possibility of the lending module to work off-line in the event of loss of communication with the server, support for dislocations with the so-called „free selection“ for which special arrangement of loans is in place: the basic option is to search for books on open shelves by readers who bring them up to the counter to a librarian, the other possibility is remote ordering through requests from IPAC,
  • possibility to adjust IPAC for individual branches, ie define (not) displaying or (non) searching of records from other branches, (not) allowing the creation of requests and reservations of documents from other branches and so on, user-defined informative messages displayed by readers in a way, so that he/she exactly knows whether and at which branch the requested document will be prepared,
  • possibility of borrowing books through ILL, including monitoring of the request to ILL from another library,
  • cooperation with self-service selfchecks Bibliotheca and 3M (based on NCIP, communication system through SIP2) ,
  • possibility of cooperation with the access systems – turnstiles, CCTV,
  • on-line loan service – the extension of loan period of a document, reservations, requests, ILL requests via a web interface, see the on-line catalog IPAC.

Web application

Similar to cataloguing, the loan module has a web solution alternative:

  • installation is not nescessary,
  • accesibility from anywhere,
  • simple and intuitive operation,
  • suitable for branches of regional libraries or loan locations where easy functionality of the loan proces is satisfactory.