ImageServer – attachment of previews (pictures)

Image server allows you to connect images and other objects to the bibliographic record automatically, with no need to manually connect to the respective entry. The identifier of the record carries the object in its file path.

Multiple local and remote repositories (directories) can be connected. They are periodically reviewed and thereby the internal database of objects linked to individual records is updated.

It is not an issue to involve even the existing repository of images in any directory structure on a disk / web site (if it can be determined from their directory paths to which record they belong) without the need to reorganize the repository in any way.

The result will be an automated generation of previews. The preview will be a link to:

  • a full-sized picture
  • a new browser panel with a full-sized picture,
  • a link to a lightbox gallery with all images of the record
  • a link to detailed viewing format, alternatively to a specific viewing format
  • a link to any html page
  • a link to a generated html page enabling to view a large picture thanks to a tile technology Zoomify or IIPImage