Equipment evidence and reservation

The module is used eg for operation of internet cafes in the library, in the study but also in other situations. The principle of operation is the possibility to borrow or reserve any library equipment, similarly to a book, (recorded in the module) to any reader or library employee for a predetermined period of time. The accessibility of the client workstations (PC) is controlled from one centralized station that can “unlock” and “lock” the client computer:

  • in a automated manner, for example by a timer,
  • manually by the operator.

Other options of the module include:

  • cooperation with the timetable opening hours,
  • “integrated” use with external copying and printing services – module charges the reader‘s account, who has “borrowed” (occupied) a workstation,for the print operations
  • to control time use of library equipment, which is used by readers or the library staff.


  • recording the arrival and departure of readers,
  • devices borrowing,
  • booking facility, subject to opening hours of the library,
  • monitoring the actual occupancy of the equipment and tracking time so as not to exceed the time of occupancy
  • charging for booking of the equipment,
  • loan extension of the equipment, if possible,
  • automatic locking and unlocking of computers from a centralized station according to borrowing,
  • statistical graphs of time utilization of the equipment (daily, weekly)
  • 2 ways to “return” a device:
  •    automatic (after the borrowing hours)
  •    manual (the return is done by the staff clicking into the return window once the reader has departed).