Research and Publication activity evidence

EPCA – records of publications

The EPCA module is based on the MARC format, similarly to Cataloging module. The EPCA module works with an open data structure, therefore it is not a problem to add another field or subfield according to changes in the rules at any time as needed.

In general, for the purposes of EPCA, two types of records are created:

• bibliographic records of documents

• authority records – personal authority (personnel records) and the authority of corporations (workplace, events, etc..) that allow efficient processing and accessing data from the EPCA module.

Adding and editing entries can be done in the client or the web interface after logging in.

The module has a well developed methods of entry and modification of various record types, predefined selection features and basic display formats. Users have a large number of outputs, print reports and statistics. It is possible to introduce different workflows to ensure that the end users (or central registers) have only the approved and checked records available.

The module is a web interface for user experts and the general public, which allows access to the records according to various selection criteria. The web interface is based on the IPAC module.