On-line catalog IPAC

IPAC (Internet Public Access Catalog) is an online catalog for the general public. In addition to its own search of document records, a registered user also has a number of other options, such as managing the user account, reservation and request of documents, access to other sources of information, newsletter (SDI), assessment of documents and the like.

 Some selected features of the on-line catalog are:

  • simple and advanced search using phrases, logical operators and quantifiers simultaneously in several sources,
  • connection of external sources either paid or freely available, communication via Z39.50 protocol or XML gateway,
  • remote access to licensed information sources through authentication in IPAC,
  • federative search,
  • personal space for each user, monitoring the history of loans, saving the selected records into their own folders, sharing records on social networks, regular SDI service and content delivery,
  • variability of display formats of searched records,
  • connection of digital objects to records (envelopes, contents, banners, full text, photos from events),
  • tagcloud of the most searched terms,
  • implemented ILL protocol that works with the Z39.50 protocol allowing creation of requests for ILL or designing their own desiderates, Open URL allowing to link related documents from different information sources,
  • faceted search,
  • view scanned book covers and contents.

The interface for the user account in IPAC covers the following areas:

  • access to information about loans, reservations, requests and work associated with them,
  • an overview of selected contact information about users and their editing,
  • management of user profile for electronic information services,
  • setting of default page properties,
  • management of documents stored for further use (recommended reading for a semester, sharing lists of documents by e-mail, …),
  • SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information) – sending fund news,
  • RSS – sending news through RSS feeds,
  • DDS – Requests for copies of documents.

Examples of custom design