Catalogization and authority module

Catalogization module is designed for processing of various types of documents on basic and analytical level. Other functions and catalog options include:

  • processing series, integration of resources and specific documents (archive materials, collection items, filmstrips, etc.),
  • manage different kinds of catalogs and databases from traditional local catalog or more catalogs simultaneously via virtual union catalog to the central catalog,
  • recording and accessing thesis,
  • linking of duplicate records,
  • sharing records with other libraries, acceptance of authority records from libraries such as the Library of Congress or the National Library,
  • checking the existence of linked pages and generating dynamic links (OPEN URL),
  • possibility to connect a web service through which it will automatically enrich the bibliographic content of book covers and possibly the contents of documents without manual intervention to the record,
  • export and import of SK CASLIN records,
  • receipt of exemplars, easy switching between titles and exemplars,
  • decommissioning,
  • spell checking and record quality control,
  • MARC21, UNIMARC, AACR2, CIDOC / CRM, FRBR, FRAD format support.

Module for authorities enables to:

  • create different types of authority records,
  • management of authority records databases, enriched records of memory institutions authorities such as museums and archives, download of authorities and regular updating from file of national authorities,
  • authority records of persons, corporate events, publishers, suppliers.

Web application

A simple web application can be used for authorities and documents cataloguing as well:

  • installation is not nescessary,
  • accesibility from anywhere,
  • simple and intuitive operation,
  • suitable for the initial operative cataloguing, branches of regional libraries, etc.