Solutions and integration

Integration of ARL with other systems

ARL system supports two-way integration, from integration of third-party solutions into ARL, to full integration of ARL with other systems, as within the university. From the side of ARL, a prepared and documented API – web services – serves for the basic level of integration, or it is possible to create an interface for integration with any system within the implementation, as per the supplied description.

Web services are used both to extract data from the ARL database by specified selection criteria, and to call individual functions or entire processes. ARL operates as a provider of web services that responds to client requests. The client sends a request in a predetermined format and it returns it as a result in the form of control information and the required data.

The web service can be used with advantages in simple cases where there is a requirement to display information on the websites. Website visitor clicks on a link, or alternatively completes setup information before that, the web server lodges a query that it sends to the ARL web service, and displays the result of the user query on the page.

We offer customized solutions on the Intersystems Ensemble platform, which is a comprehensive product for the rapid development of heterogeneous applications, for larger or more complex integration projects,.

Examples of use

Enrichment of web pages

Login to reader‘s account – a small frame can be inserted onto the library website for logging into reader’s account at IPAC ARL.
MojeID – login to reader‘s account is possible also through the service mojeID (

Search – a search box can be embedded on the library website with default sources and IS ARL limits.

Holdings news – display of holdings‘ news can be set up on the the library pages, including the cover preview. The news will preview in IPAC ARL in a detailed display format when clicking on the link and instant booking is possible.

Preview of the most researched expressions (tag cloud) – the website can view reports of the most requested books or upcoming cultural events obtained from the ARL database.

Overviews of the publication activity of scientific researchers on the site of the Academy of Science.

Integration with other external applications

Copying and network printing fees – SafeQ and JASPES are printing solution, which solve the basic problems of printing environments: accounting, securing and assuring access of print and copy services. The fees are executed through a financial account of the reader in ARL by calling the necessary commands of the web service. Prior to printing,  reader’s identification takes place through a web service and ARL booking device module, further finding free credit on the financial account of the reader. Subsequently, the required amount for copying / printing is blocked on the reader’s account and if the blocking is successful, the copying / printing is executed and finally the amount is deducted from the account.

Connection with STAG system, which covers several following functions, is implemented in university libraries:

  • the import of data about readers from student cards into the ARL system,
  • verifying the validation chip cards in the card center
  • import of qualification (diploma) thesis
  • after further processing, the metadata and full texts of thesis are automatically forwarded to the National Registry of VŠKP, which serves, among other things, to detect plagiarism.

Integration on the ENSEMBLE platform

The project at the University Library in Bratislava integrates several previously separated systems on various platforms:

  • KIS – Virtua (previously Aleph 500),
  • Pre-registration and registration of students,
  • card distribution system (including taking a picture and card printing), access system from EMtest,
  • synchronization of personal identities into LDAP,
  • ARL – financial account and computer reservation module in study rooms,
  • copying and network printing fees – SafeQ, ws ARL.