Web applications

Alongside the possibility to access data through the client, a web application is available for some modules, which enable cataloging and data processing diretcly from any web browser.

On one hand the web applications do not have the same functionality and comfort as the client, but they are fully functional and usable for detailed data processing.

What are the advantages:

  • need only a web browser for work,
  • no need to install SW,
  • very simple and intuitive operation, that does not need training,
  • available anywhere,
  • serves well in regional or dislocated workplaces.

Web applications are available for these modules:

  • Document and authorities cataloging,
  • Copies reception,
  • Readers and loans records,
  • inventory,
  • epca outcomes,
  • digital chronicle.

Web applications for data administration and management make a special group (administration of indexes, access rights, global changes of data, etc.)