The stand alone module for serials enables the processing of all activities related to work with periodic documents from ordering to weeding:

  • processing begins with a collective record, the subscription is defined, the order is sent and continues with daily recording (receipt of separate editions),
  • the option of binding and unbinding of volumes, bulk expungement of editons, retrocatalogization,
  • for individual editions, to monitor the date of delivery and the condition in which they were delivered. If necessary, the option to automatically generate reminders to suppliers can be set (not only for late deliveries of individual editions or copies, but also for the poor condition of the delivered specimen),
  • the possibility to track expected and unexpected editions, individual and non-autonomous attachments,
  • after the completion of collecting, depending on the set parameters for the binding of a comprehensive volume, it offers individual editions into relations and automatically creates a record for the bound volume of a series document with all follow-up activities, automatically creating links and relationships between the different types of records of series documents – collective record, bound volumes, individual editions, electronic resources and individual articles,
  • to generate overviews of orders and subscriptions
  • the ability to set conditions and method of circulation.