Digital Chronicle

A component but also a stand alone part of the ARL is the new module Digital Chronicle.

Digital chronicle serves as an information portal with the option to create, search, display and store all related entities, which together form a comprehensive insight into the events .

It enables:

  • Registry of events with all connections and relations.
  • Connecting digital objects to the events (photo gallery, videos, invitations… ).
  • Presentation of events in a form suitable for the user.
  • Search the present, past and upcoming events.
  • Calendar of personalities – anniversaries.
  • Corporate directory and contacts.
  • Chronicle in print form.

A key feature is the ability to create records of events – chronicle articles, which are important in terms of information for the city or library. Presentation of the recorded information is in a form suitable for the average user .
The relations and links related to records of all types are captured in the required level of detail such as:

  • records of the venue of the recorded events,
  • records of landmarks, buildings and other major geographic elements,
  • records of celebrities, organizers, participants, etc., including further contacts,
  • records of text documents, which are related to the event,
  • articles describing the event,
  • digital objects related to the event (photos, videos, posters … ).

Due to the interdependence of individual records, immediate information will be conveyed to the end user in the needed predicative value and a preview of the event from several angles.

It is intended for libraries, municipalities, information centers and the like.