Regional functions

ARL system provides support of regional functions to libraries, which are commissioned with their execution and also to regional libraries using ARL system.

Exchange files

The designated libraries build exchange holdings and secure distribution and circulation of these files.

  • The library can monitor the exchange files within its own databases, considering the data regarding the exchange files can be recorded within a separate logical database.
  • Document borrowing from these exchange files is possible to do the same way as with the loan process, or it can be edited with a special movement transaction.

Central processing

  • The primary library will draft documents to order.
  • Ordering, receipt and processing is carried out by a designated library, which will send the supplied documents, including a delivery note, to other libraries.
  • The designated library will share the processed records via the system or it will prepare the export of the documents for libraries, which use a different library system.
  • Predefined export sets and statistics, special exports for work with Lanius and Clavius systems, which use different data structures, and library prints such as book tickets or readers list are available.