Software as a service

The option of using the system in the form of outsourcing “Software as a service“ is, from the customer’s perspective, an economically more advantageous alternative compared with the option when the customer buys the whole system and installs it on his own server. This way of solving the automation of libraries, used by our customers for over 10 years, is based on the customer using the provider’s services. The customer chooses the system range and functionality, which he wants to use. The library uses hardware and software equipment of the provider for securing their own internet services. It processes data on the server of the provider using the client part of the system installed on their PC, alternatively through a web browser. It is possible for the customer to create data copies on their own PC based upon mutual agreement. Service provider, in this case our company, guarantees the customer with full preservation and archiving of data.

This method of solving automation brings several advantages to the customer, e.g.: system management is left to the provider; the customer mustn’t invest into hardware or software equipment; management, performance, and hardware and software equipment maintenance. Most of the time, reasons of economical nature prevail.

A secure access to the application is secured in the ARL with this type of automation using the application client- they have it available exclusively to customer personnel (libraries),furthe by a web browser, through which the personnel can access and modify data at the same time, but especially the readers – end users – use this option. Finally, you can access it via any Z39.50 client, which can be accessed by more experienced users, including readers, or through other protocols and web services that are used primarily by other customer information systems or institutions’ information systems, to which the customer gives the right to share data .

The customer has the right to these services based on regular fee payments:

  • performance guarantee, service, hotline, consulting services* guarantee,
  • guarantee of interoperability with the National Library of Czech Republic*,
  • information about system development updates*,
  • ARL upgrade (i.e. new features) and database system upgrade*,
  • work on ARL adjustments in the agreed time range (e.g. global adjustments of data, adjustments of outputs, viewing formats and so on)*.
  • full server management, which hosts ARL,
  • ARL system management,
  • data back up (shadowing),
  • ARL system rent costs,
  • disc space rent costs for data saving,

*The customer has a right to these even in case he is not using the ARL system as a service for hosting or outsourcing, but he purchases the rights to use the ARL and the database system, and installs ARL on his own server.

Payments include costs related to licensing rights of ARL and the database system. The service support is provided via email or, in case of an emergency, via phone.