PRTG – network monitoring

We use PRTG (Paessler Router Traffic Grapher) to monitor servers – hardware, software, services, data streams and other devices in LAN and WAN networks on hosting servers.

PRTG collects and evaluates the status information of the monitored devices in both the data and graphical display. In case of a critical situation, the system warns also by sending a text message, allowing immediate response and resolution of the situation.

Thanks to this method of monitoring servers we provide the customer with:

High reliability
PRTG is a constantly watching guardian, which reports the downtime and achievement of the critical values. This increases the availability of the service which in the result exceeds 99%.

Quality of service
PRTG allows to maintain a high quality technical services by monitoring technical parameters of the infrastructure (quick, with minimal downtime today, as well as in a month, in a year …).

As a result, PRTG monitoring also provides valuable information about the usefulness and utilization of individual services, directed to unlocking the weak element of the system and their timely optimization or replacement.