National authority files Container

By the end of 2000 the problem of creating of national authorities file was opened and because libraries use various integrated systems, it was decided to implement Z39.50 protocol. With function Z39.50 protocol function “database update” a request to create an authority database extension had occurred. This extension was created in National Library of the Czech Republic and it was based on their requirements. It is is called “Bandaska”, in descriptive translation would be “Container”.

The purpose of this extension was to allow other libraries to suggest new authority records, or changes in existing records from their own integrated system. The only condition was, and still is, to have system, that has implemented Z39.50 protocol.

Local record is saved into the Container, which is regularly imported into national authorities database. Thus, national authorities are created practically on-line.

Currently, almost 60 libraries are cooperating with National Library on creating authority records.

More on “Bandaska” (in czech language):