Cosmotron has been the promoter and guarantor of program modifications within the project Obálky knih.cz since 2013. Obálky knih.cz is a project of national significance with impact on professional and general public as well as the quality of librarian and information services within the library system of the Czech Republic. Our company is involved in the further development and expansion of the project.

What is our contribution to improvement of librarian services:

  • Enriching the periodicals and multi-volume monographs.
  • Allowing comments and ratings to be shared.
  • Enriching authority records.
  • Quotation ČSN ISO 690.

What is our contribution to improvement of the availability and quality of project data:

  • Creating a front-end layer and changing the architecture to CDN (content delivery network).
  • Gradual implementation of harvesting algorithms for different sources of envelopes, contents, annotations, comments and ratings.

Regular improvement of scan client features as a tool for libraries for data sharing. The following new features have been gradually added:

  • Scanning of envelopes and contents of periodicals and multi-volume monographs.
  • Scanning of double pages and improving scanning jobs.
  • Scanning of authorites photos.
  • Possibility to upload file (including PDF) from a personal PC without the necessity of scanning.

Our goal is constant improving of the envelyknih.cz service for readers, librarians and information systems and we work hard to achieve this goal. The proof of it is obtaining the appreciation “Library of the Year 2016” by Cosmotron in the category of significant achievements in the field of providing public library information services.