ARL Support

ARL support

We provide a standard 24 month warranty for programs, which weren’t altered by the customer or a third party. Any warranty repairs are made in terms of warranty period free of charge according to the maintenance contract. The customer has the option of choosing the extend of support services for both the warranty and post-warranty period based on the maintenance contract. It can be either basic services or services including upgrades. Services provided beyond the maintenance contract are carried out based on a separete order.

Our service department is ready to react on the reported customer issue immediatelly after receipt of the issue. Communication with our employees happens over phone, skype or a special customer care phone line (this is addressed by the maintenance contract). Issue resolution is then dependent on the complexity of the issue, the option to use remote access and so on. Our employees are available to you on bussines days from 9am till 3pm.

ARL system is not available to the customer only in extraordinary circumstances and as a rule one or twice a year in the case of a pre-advised and planned outages when installing upgrades. These outages are carried out after a discussion with the customer, normally after bussines hours of the library and in such a way, that only the module IPAC is out of operation for a few hours.

Servis Caché

Servicing of the database system Caché from InterSystems B.V., which is a part of the Advanced Rapid Library system core, is provided as an integral part of the maintenance services related to the operation of ARL and includes service, update and upgrade of the database system.

The customer has the right to a so called InterSystems B.V. product trade-up, which enables various options of transffering licences and which is billed as per the current price list of InterSystems B.V.