There is a silver lining for Czech librarianship!

There is a silver lining for Czech librarianship!

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On Monday, August 17, 2020, a new “Concept of the Development of Libraries in the Czech Republic for 2021 – 2027 with a View to 2030″ was approved. It relies on three main pillars. Libraries are seen

  • as pillars of civil society and natural community centers,
  • as educational and training support institutions and
  • as a manager of cultural and knowledge riches.

It also envisages construction of new buildings, development of centralized library services, making unavailable digitized works accessible, the management of electronic publications, support for library protection, website archiving, development of LTP repositories, and many other measures, including those focused to automated library systems! We believe that the collective effort by all stakeholders at all levels will lead to success in fulfilling the concept, and that Czech librarianship will flourish!

The development concept is available at

Source of the opening image: Esther Chilcutt from Pixabay



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