They have a new helper in the Prague library: a self-service return machine

They have a new helper in the Prague library: a self-service return machine

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Saving time, facilitating work, serviceability during the entire opening hours of the library – these are just a few of many other benefits, which was brought to the Municipal Library in Prague by a self-service return machine with a sorting line, supplied by our company. Its operation is simple and very fast – after reading reader’s ID card, the reader inserts the book into the marked slot and after recognizing the book, the machine moves it itself to the appropriate box with a “floating bottom” – when loaded, the bottom gradually decreases, thus ensuring safe handling of returned documents. The librarians then move the boxes to the library and put its content to their places on the appropriate shelves, and the documents are again available to readers.

Installing the self-service return machine is further part of the project of the Municipal Library in Prague focused on the installation of RFID devices (see the article “The largest installation of RFID technologies in libraries in the Czech Republic”). By automating the work, librarians gain more time for personal communication with readers and other necessary activities.

Video report about the self-service return machine (source iDNES Tv):



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