In 2013, our company took over the technical aspects of project development Obálky knih.cz. During this period, several components of the project have been improved and developed. The development was aimed at stabilizing and making the entire architecture project Envelopes knih.cz more robust and also to enhance the services provided in the form of comments and ratings. There was a total change in the architecture to reflect the style of the CDN project - Content Delivery Network, for which we are particularly proud.

The project Obálky knih.cz currently plays the role of aggregator not only for covers of documents and periodicals, but also the content, fulltexts, comments, and ratings.
The architecture of the project also includes a scanning client, which is becoming a major source of new data nowadays. Using the scanning client by the wide library community is a wonderful example of how libraries are able to join forces to fulfill a common goal - to enrich and diversify their catalogues.


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