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They have a new helper in the Prague library: a self-service return machine

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Saving time, facilitating work, serviceability during the entire opening hours of the library – these are just a few of many other benefits, which was brought to the Municipal Library in Prague by a self-service return machine with a sorting line, supplied by our company. Its operation is simple and very fast – after reading reader’s ID card, the reader inserts the book into the marked slot and after recognizing the book, the machine moves it itself to the appropriate box with a “floating bottom” – when loaded, the bottom gradually decreases, thus ensuring safe handling of returned documents. The librarians then move the boxes to the library and put its content to their places on the appropriate shelves, and the documents are again available to readers.

Installing the self-service return machine is further part of the project of the Municipal Library in Prague focused on the installation of RFID devices (see the article “The largest installation of RFID technologies in libraries in the Czech Republic”). By automating the work, librarians gain more time for personal communication with readers and other necessary activities.

Video report about the self-service return machine (source iDNES Tv):

Beautiful Easter!

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We wish you to live it in peace, quiet, health and in the circle of your loved ones! Happy spring holidays!

Return boxes in “Coronatime”

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The Palacký University in Olomouc demonstrated us the versatile use of our return boxes for books. The Palacký University has become one of the collection points, where people can left needled cotton drapes. They hand them over to the return box, and university library staff distributes the drapes to the places, where it is needed. We are very pleased with this initiative and we are glad, that even in these difficult times people can help each other.

Nowadays, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, it is more necessary than ever to handle books without personal contact between library staff and readers. For these purposes, we recommend using our products – Remotelocker reservation facility or return boxes for books. Since this is truly a state of emergency, we offer delivery of these products to all interested parties in a shorten time. If you are interested in any of them, please contact us at

In the next days we wish you good health and a lot of patience!

The largest installation of RFID technologies in libraries in the Czech Republic

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At the end of 2018 our company won a public contract entitled “Purchase of RFID Technology for the Municipal Library in Prague”. The contract included delivery and installation of a solution to simplify the processes of borrowings and returns of any documents or medias and their security at 40 branches of the largest municipal library in the country. Last year, the first part of the order was completed – more than 300 RFID workstations were delivered and installed, 40 self-service selfchecks for borrowings and returns of documents, 40 security gateways, a return machine for books with a sorting line, Smart Bookshelf for automated book returning, RFID chips etc.

This large and significant installation continues in 2020, when another RFID devices will be installed. RFID is a modern technology with very practical features and it is a useful tool for library users and staff alike. Thanks to RFID installation, librarians have more time to communicate with readers and for other activities.

The Municipal Library in Prague made a video for its readers about how easy self-service borrowing works. Look at it!

The Christmas holidays

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Dear customers,

Christmas holidays are a time when we all desire to be with our loved ones and to spend special moments together. We too, would like to spend this time with our families, therefore the normal operation of the company will end on Friday, 20 December 2019. From Monday 23 December 2019 to Sunday 5 January 2020, a company-wide holiday will take place. We will be available again from Monday January 6, 2020.

In case of emergency call +420 724 242 250.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We know the deadline for the ARL 2020 seminar!

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Dear customers, when planning your next year’s events and activities, book May 6 – 7, 2020 for the traditional ARL SEMINAR! This time we invite you to Holic and Hodonin. More detailed information will be gradually specified. We look forward to you!

Počítačová bezpečnost pohledem tvůrců KIS

Computer security from the perspective of KIS creators

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Is it necessary to take account of computer security in libraries when their resources should be available to the general public? What risks are there in place for IT security? What needs to be set up in the library-information system in connection with GDPR? Answers to these questions can be found in the article of our colleagues in the current issue of Slovak ITLib magazine Information Technology and Libraries. We are bringing you its electronic form.


Historicky první Knižnicou roku na Slovensku je Mestská knižnica mesta Piešťany

Historically, the first title ‘Library of the Year’ in Slovakia was acquired by the Municipal Library of Piešťany

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From time to time everyone needs to hear that he or she is doing a good job. And when praise and words of recognition are pronounced not only by the members of the target groups, but also from the top state officials, it is evidence, that the chosen path was right. The director of the Municipal Library of Piešťany Ing. Margita Galová heard very positive words from the Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic Ľubica Laššáková at the end of June 2019, when she took over the title “Library of the Year 2018” in the category Municipal Library. This is the first-ever award of its kind in Slovakia.

The library was awarded this title mainly due to successful building, acquisition, professional processing and protection of the universal library collection and satisfying of cultural, information, educational and rehabilitation needs of users of all age and social groups. The jury also took into account the fact that the library held 718 events in 2018.

We are pleased that the Municipal Library of Piešťany is using ARL information system extended by the module “Digital Chronicle“, which is called the “Calendar of Events” in the library. It is used for creation, registration, accessing and archiving of events organized by the library. Adding digital objects (invitations, photos, videos, chats, etc.) to the articles describing events is “Digital Chronicle” giving a thorough view of the events. The module also enables several practical outputs concerning the frequency of events, attendance, participation of specific persons or organizations, sponsors, etc. In printed form it can also serve as a real “chronicle”.

Happy Easter!

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We wish you nice and pleasant spring holidays!

SVK Prešov has a return machine

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One of the installations of RFID technologies, that we implemented last year, was the return machine at the State Scientific Library in Prešov. Its readers are therefore not limited by the opening hours of the library and can return the borrowed documents 24 hours a day. The return machine is very helpful for librarians too – the device is linked to a grading line that automatically sorts books according to library requirements. For more information see here.



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