Elag confirmed our thought

Elag confirmed our thought

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On 4th-7th June 2018 we attended the ELAG 2018 International Conference at the National Technical Library. It was devoted to the data – the sources of knowledge, and what could be acquired from it. It is mainly knowledge, that can help us greatly in our work, and so we can provide users with better quality services in more effective way.

The first day was devoted to workshops – the participants had the opportunity to try different technologies and procedures used by colleagues from abroad to solve problems that we have encountered in our country. During the conference, we listened to very interesting contributions and discussions – colleagues dealt with issues of the effective integration of different sources of knowledge and related services so that the library continued being a single source of access to knowledge. We made sure that the development of the ARL platform went in the right direction – our users have been having access to different resources and services from one place, even from any mobile device. The central theme, therefore, was technology, that has been constantly shifting, and has changed the work of librarians very radically. Again, it was confirmed, that continuing education focusing on technologies and possibilities of their effective use in our work was extremely important, and we will have to pay much more attention to it.




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