Support for Miraculous Nut Festival 2018

Support for Miraculous Nut Festival 2018

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Every day brings us new evidence of how an inexhaustible fountain of ideas and imagination a child’s soul is. This was confirmed at the anniversary 10th annual of the Miraculous Nut Festival 2018 in the Municipal Library in Piešťany, which was subtitled “Book on Radio – Radio in the Book”. The festival is a competition in the dramatic performance of children aged 6-14. Part of the festival was also encounter of children with their parents and with educationists and library workers. The patronage of the festival was taken over by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic Livia Klausová, and the President of the Trnava region Jozef Viskupič.

We are very pleased to be able to support this event and have become its partner, because it is up to us adults, how do we listen to and help develop children’s imagination – the creator of the thinking, attitudes and emotional intelligence of forthcoming generation.



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