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At the end of May, the 24th INFORUM conference on electronic information resources and their professional use in science, research, education and entrepreneurship took place in Prague. During its existence, it hosted a number of important lecturers. One of them is our executive Ing. Nadežda Andrejčíková, Ph.D. Her this year’s contribution, thirteenth in total, attracted many viewers. Then she was included in the “Hall of Fame” among other lecturers and moderators who attended the conference most of the time.

As the title of her presentation “The user is always at least the first” indikated, she focused on the current importance of library-information systems in libraries, the behavior of users in relation to their needs and the offer of libraries, etc. She highlighted the importance of electronic information resources, electronic documents and electronic servises, and emphasized the importance of developing and implementing information systems not separately, but in one platform, as a set of technologies, tools, resources, applications and services integrated together into one complex.

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