Vision, Mission, Values


The satisfaction of the users of our software solutions is our priority and we regard it in all our decisions and actions. The fundamental idea of our company is to find out what the users want before they need it and to prepare customized solutions for them as in long-term projects, so in day-to-day work.


Customers: To create such conditions for our customers that will contribute to their effective technological, social and economic growth. We want to achieve the satisfaction of both our customers and the users of their services through comprehensive solutions to customer requirements. We supply a customized system and solutions along with their implementation in practice. We not only provide the entire operation, regular servicing and maintenance of our products, but additionally, we are concerned with research and development in the field of quality improvement and the effective use of information and communication technologies. To us, you are not just a customer, you are our partner!
Employees: To promote a friendly, positive and motivating working atmosphere, which will enable our employees to give professional assistance in every moment of cooperation with our partners. To provide our staff with options for further education and professional development.
Industry: To be an asset and a role model in the field, set the course of development and participate in educating the professional public through seminars, lectures or discussions. To become the market leader, thanks to the responsible approach towards meeting the requirements of our partners and continuous innovation of our solutions. Create and maintain good relationships with customers and competitors and comply with business ethics.


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