Historically, the first title ‘Library of the Year’ in Slovakia was acquired by the Municipal Library of Piešťany

Historicky první Knižnicou roku na Slovensku je Mestská knižnica mesta Piešťany

Historically, the first title ‘Library of the Year’ in Slovakia was acquired by the Municipal Library of Piešťany

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From time to time everyone needs to hear that he or she is doing a good job. And when praise and words of recognition are pronounced not only by the members of the target groups, but also from the top state officials, it is evidence, that the chosen path was right. The director of the Municipal Library of Piešťany Ing. Margita Galová heard very positive words from the Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic Ľubica Laššáková at the end of June 2019, when she took over the title “Library of the Year 2018” in the category Municipal Library. This is the first-ever award of its kind in Slovakia.

The library was awarded this title mainly due to successful building, acquisition, professional processing and protection of the universal library collection and satisfying of cultural, information, educational and rehabilitation needs of users of all age and social groups. The jury also took into account the fact that the library held 718 events in 2018.

We are pleased that the Municipal Library of Piešťany is using ARL information system extended by the module “Digital Chronicle“, which is called the “Calendar of Events” in the library. It is used for creation, registration, accessing and archiving of events organized by the library. Adding digital objects (invitations, photos, videos, chats, etc.) to the articles describing events is “Digital Chronicle” giving a thorough view of the events. The module also enables several practical outputs concerning the frequency of events, attendance, participation of specific persons or organizations, sponsors, etc. In printed form it can also serve as a real “chronicle”.



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