Advanced Rapid Library (ARL) is a system designed for automated management of library catalogs and collections and other..


RFID (radio frequency identification) technology simplifies the process of loaning and returning of any documents or media..

EM technology

Technology EM (electromagnet) is a simple, reliable, and many years of proven solution for security of documents in the library.This..

Bar code

Bar codeThe company Cosmotron, in addition to the development of information systems, also deals with EAN barcode printing..

Equipment provided

Cosmotron supplies devices for bar code printing and scanning, book collection security, document binding, shredders and..

Outdoor Book Drop Container

Outside return box for booksWe offer self-service box for book returning. Now, your readers are not limited to library opening..


e-Book loans

A new functionality enabling e-book loans is prepared for the aRL system. It was designed in cooperation with The Research Library of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, which has contractual agreement..

Citations in journals

A new promised capability in the EPCA module is now available for anyone interested. It enables viewing the journals' evaluation criteria for citations. Further information is listed on the news page in..

Workshop on serial processing

We have prepared a workshop for our customers on serial processing (daily magazine records) in the ARL system for 25. June 2014. More detailed information is provided in the customer's section under Training..
Web cataloguing

Option to try web cataloging

We offer the opportunity to experience the cataloging and borrowing modules of the ARL system web client. Anyone interested will receive access rights and testing conditions. If interested, please contact..
Magnesia Litera

Magnesia Litera

Allow your readers to vote for their favorite book of the year directly on the IPAC website by connecting the link as a a news link on the main page of IPAC. Information about news editing capabilities..

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