Integrated Management System

After we fully fulfilled the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9001, the company Cosmotron Bohemia implemented the Quality management system in 2008. QMS presence testifies that the company is well-organized, the procedures are well-defined, the work technique is precisely followed, and parts of the process and actions (analyses, development, implementation, operation and maintenance of ARL system) are documented and familiar to all staff as well as to customers. All of the documentation is done by the professional staff and is available to customers.

While developing new features, following steps must be followed. Customer also takes part in this process:


  1. functional concept,
  2. concept approving by the customer
  3. technical concept and approving by a professionally trained staff,
  4. testing scenario,
  5. new feature development,
  6. testing scenario documentation,
  7. new feature documentation,
  8. innovation history record,
  9. test version installation and testing by customer,
  10. new function installation into stable version.

We use our own company information system for administration, communication with customers and also project management. All of the customer requests are recorded and archived in this system. Method of communication with customer and time horizon of reply or solution to request are clearly declared in the contract. Every request gets a record number so it is easy to track it. Based on the settings, the request is automatically e-mailed to authorized staff, that analyses the request, suggests the solution and by informs the customer about estimated time horizon for solution. All parts of the communication and work-flow is recorded to the database and connected to the particular task. This way, the customer gets comfortable access to state of his current requests.

Part of the management quality policies is detailed monitoring of ARL system versions, creating and upkeep of technical and in-house documentation.

Due to the ever-increasing emphasis on information security, which is also one of our priorities, we decided to confirm the correctness of steps we take in this area with a certification in information security management. We managed this in September 2014. We have fulfilled the requirements of ČSN ISO/IEC 27001, as amended, for the safety rules, procedures and responsibilities with respect to information security within the company based on continuous improvement and implementation of security measures.

Both systems constitute the integrated management system.