Desensitizer / Resensitizer

When Tattle-Tape Security Strips are affixed to items, our resensitizers, desensitizers and bookcheck units will help ensure the security is properly turned on or off to be sure your library collection is not leaving the building without being properly checked out.

3M Bookcheck Unit Model 942

This unit saves time and space while helping to ensure reliable processing. It effectively desensitizes and resensitizes Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips on print materials, CDs and DVDs. It also features an intuitive interface, ergonomic design and injection molded plastic for durability. Model 942 is UL-certified. Meets the WEEE and RoHS Directives.


3M Desensitizer Model 930

This fast, efficient device adapts to virtually any checkout configuration and is ideal for high-volume checkout-only operations. It safely desensitizes Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips on print materials and CDs.


3M Resensitizer Model 764

Resensitizer Model 764 This electrical portable unit fully resensitizes Tattle-Tape™Security Strips on print materials and CDs, ensuring a fully secured collection. Print materials are resensitized in one pass, CDs in two passes. A green light signals that the unit is operating. Model 764 is UL-certified. Meets the WEEE and RoHS Directives.


3M The Disc Media Manual Locker

An effective way to enhance the security for your DVDs and CDs. Apply a Tattle-Tape™ strip to the inside of a DiscMate case. After desensitizing at checkout, use the locker to open the case. When items are returned, simply glide the case through the locker to re-lock the case, and then resensitize the item.



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