The self-service station allows patrons to perform borrowing, returning books and other media or find information of their reader account without assistance from library staff.

3M SelfCheck™ System V-Series

The SelfCheck™ System V-Series is a fast, versatile checkout solution that is so intuitive it virtually assures first-time success. Along with an easy-to-use touch screen and step-by-step instructions, the distinctive V design helps customers place items correctly. The system processes books, magazines, videos, CDs and DVDs and provides web-based remote monitoring and diagnostics. It also accommodates a wide range of barcode placements. The V-coil design automatically adapts to power level variations and essentially eliminates unwanted alarms. Additional security features prevent customers from checking out more than one book under a single barcode and substituting items during checkout.With its dynamic design and sharp, contemporary look, the V-Series takes your library to the next level of productivity and service.


3M  SelfCheck™ System V-Series Tabletop



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