Self return service

Self-service return machine Smartreturn Series 250

It is a compact device for self-service returning books with minimal space requirements. Return machine does not have a screen, the status is signalled by the LED color and you can choose the design for indoor or outdoor installation. Return machine may be accompanied by a fully automatic sorting line, which sorts the returned media according to specified criteria. The number of sorting paths is fixed – 1.3, or 5. The performance of the device is 600 to 900 books per hour.


Self-service return machine Smartreturn 300

This device is used for self-service return of media without the participation of the library staff. It incorporates a large touch screen, receipt printer and a tunnel with security doors where the returned media is inserted. It is possible to choose either a machine for outdoor or indoor installation. The advantages of this machine are evident especially when it is connected to the automatic sorting line.


Smartsort 300 line sorting modules

The sorting and trasport modules can be assembled into a highly sophisticated and flexible sorting system tailored to the specific library. Media returned by the customer thought Smartreturn 300 are sorted according to specified criteria and collected in the proper trolley. The troley is equipped with a movable bottom on a spring for a cautious storage and the staff is advised the moment it is filled up.





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