Self check stations

Self-check station allows readers to perform without assistance of the staff of the library activities and the recovery of the loan of books and media and discover information about your reader's account. It is also possible to extend the period of the loan of books (for individual items and bulk). All the devices comply with the standards for the use of handicapped persons, referred to as ADA/DDA.

Self check station Smartserve 200

Smartserve 200 is a compact implementation of self-check stations intended for placement on a table or counter. Despite its small size, however it is not deprived of any user interface functionality of the larger types of selfchecks. Details of the activities you can print out a receipt on the integrated printer. The station can be equipped with sensor user certificates on the principle of RFID or bar code. The device is equipped with a touch screen about the size of 17 ".


Self check station
Smartserve 400

Is a modern self-service station, that offers a vast variability as in color, so in added modules for payment processing.


Self check station
Smartserve 1000

It is a self-service station of a revolutionary outlook with a huge touch screen located high size. It is possible to accessorise with integrated units for executing payments by various ways.



Self check station Smartserve 1000-D

This is a desktop variant of the self-check Smartserve 1000.


Self check station R-series Kiosk

This type allows users to use an alternate user interface QuickConnect. It is easily configurable and reliable, enables remote diagnostics and monitoring activities.


Self check station R-series Kiosk Table Top

This is a desktop variant of the self-check R-series Kiosk



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