Advanced Rapid Library (ARL) is a platform for creating systems designed e.g. for automated management of library catalogs..


RFID (radio frequency identification) technology simplifies the process of loaning and returning of any documents or media..

EM technology

Technology EM (electromagnet) is a simple, reliable, and many years of proven solution for security of documents in the library.This..

Bar code

Bar codeThe company Cosmotron, in addition to the development of information systems, also deals with EAN barcode printing..

Equipment provided

Cosmotron supplies devices for bar code printing and scanning, book collection security, document binding, shredders and..

Outdoor Book Drop Container

Outside return box for booksWe offer self-service box for book returning. Now, your readers are not limited to library opening..



According to the fact, that our long-term business partner Bibliotheca carried out the acquisition of library division of 3M, we have the great pleasure to announce we have became the exclusive reseller..
training plan

Training plan 2016

As every year, we have prepared a training plan users and administrators ARL for the year 2016. The offer is available in the customer area , the menu Training Schedule . On this page is electronic application..
Return box

Return box in Hradec Králové

Among our customers who, for the convenience of my readers took our stainless steel box for the books, the library also has a medical faculty in Hradec Králové. This device was placed near the entrance..

Upgrade 2016

Upgrade ARL 2016 is ready in the coming days there will be installed for customer and hosting servers . Customers will be informed about the date of installation . The list of new features and modifications..

RFID in Považská Bystrica

Late last year, there was another unsuccessful installation of RFID technology in the Library in Považská Bystrica. The delivery was installing gates , workstations and labels ...

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